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UV Resistant Photochromic Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

  • 100% UV eye protection
  • Multi-functional | 3-in-1
  • Color customizable frame
  • Adjustable non-slip nose pads
  • Glare-reducing polarized lens
  • Many convenient accessories included
  • Brightness adjusting photochromic capability

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Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

Due to the brightness adjusting photochromic lens, these cycling sunglasses are ideal for any weather condition. The lens is also polarized, reducing glare. Furthermore, the innovative lens protects your eyes completely from UV rays. This will reduce the risk of eye damage during long periods of exposure to the sun.

Not only are these glasses multi-functional, but they are also very convenient. They consist of adjustable non-slip nose pads, ensuring supreme comfort. Moreover, many accessories are included such as; color customizable frame accessories, a polarized lens test card, a glass cloth, a bag, and a hard-shell case.

Ultraviolet Light Resistant

To reduce light irritation whilst cycling

UV Ray Protective Photochromic Polarized Cycling Sunglasses


That makes a difference

UV Ray Protective Photochromic Polarized Cycling SunglassesUV Ray Protective Photochromic Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

Style 1 package contents:

  • Lens (1)
  • Frame (1)
  • Cloth (1)
  • Case (1)
  • Bag (1)
  • Frame accessories (1)
  • Polarized lens test card (1)
  • Myopia frame (1)

Style 2 package contents:

  • rope (1)
  • Bag (1)
  • Case (1)
  • Cloth (1)
  • Myopia frame (1)
  • Glasses frame (1)
  • Polarized lens test card
  • 1 pair of polarized lenses (tawny color)
  • 1 pair of photochromic lenses (clear color)

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Style 2 consists of 2 lenses, one which is photochromic and one which is polarising so it is not 3-in-1. In comparison Style 1 contains only 1 lens with all the 3 properties. Secondly, Color change time from the photochromic lens can vary depending on the sunlight’s UV intensity and the season.



Lens Dimensions

2 x 3.14 inch

Item Type


Sport Type


Lenses Optical Attribute

Polarized & Photochromatic

Lenses Material


Frame Material





Photochromic / Polarized / UV400


2 styles